Comcast is a rip-off (time and money and more time)

Wow, the things I do to watch the Tour de France….

Stupidly, I got Comcast AGAIN… thinking, boy this is going to be easy. Sign up in late June, return the gear late July. And it would only cost a bit more than our slow internet.

Boy was I wrong…

Time Pit…

Spent over an hour setting up the gear. Now trying to return it. Not so fast. Apparently the call center ‘brain’ thought ‘Cancel TV’ was cancel account. Was on the phone for 25 min and got nothing done.

Money pit…

$99 for 240+ channels (just need ONE NBCSN) and 100meg internet (that is nice).
Add $10 for ‘box’
Add $10 for Cloud DVR (so why do I need a box?)
Add $23 in ‘taxes/fees’ (part is a sports fee, so I’m O.K. with that one)
$142 total (up from $75 for just Internet).

More time…

Now, I’m going to just get in my car and drive 25 minutes to the Comcast ‘Service’ Location. Hopefully that will be less painful than the call center (ended with me hanging up).

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Wheatland Tennis Club

Found a new place to play casual tennis. We play on hard courts on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8AM (arrive earlier and introduce yourself).

Visit their Facebook Page

Pickleball! The club is expanding from just tennis to include a trial of pickleball.

Join us Wed/Fri at 6PM (we have some paddles if you want to learn)

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Frustrated with Apple!

Nothing like getting up on a day off only to have my computer die (black screen). Granted it was 5 1/2 years old. Spent a few hours trying to resurrect it… no go.

Called Apple and got a glimmer of hope that they would fix it (was under an recall but that recall ended in 2016 but that would be extended for me). Two days later, I receive a box and ship it off.

Another day and very bad news… Apple wanted $1295 to fix my Frankenstein MacBook. They didn’t like that their hard drive had failed and I didn’t use Apple to replace it. Also claimed that the DVD was not from that computer(?).

I was offered $100 ‘gift’ for a future MacBook. Great. Off to the Apple Store and get the new Touch Bar model.

Well, not so fast. The ‘gift’ can only be used by calling Apple. This is something out of the 90′s when I would spend $4500 by calling MacMall.

So now I have a $100 paper weight (actually going to use it to start a camp fire).

Lucky for Apple, I just love their products… and am many thousands of dollars poorer.

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Explore Mary Lou’s New Website

Looking for a spiritual guide check out Mary Lou Houser is a certified spiritual guide/director, native plant gardenerartist , and lay-historian.

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Virginia Not for Bicyclists

Just got back from a three day bicycle trip in Waynesboro, VA. Wow, there are a lot of angry drivers in that area. While most drivers provided adequate passing space, too many didn’t.

The worst ones: car stopped to yell at me, Rolling Coal on our group and almost rear-ended. All TRUCKS…

VA not for bicyclists

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Robinhood, not the movie

Well, I might have been duped into giving up my Social Security Number to a new trading platform. Last month, was launched as the ‘Zero commission trading platform’. I fell for it. I signed up. Downloaded the App. Entered my information, all the good stuff.

Three weeks later, I’m still waiting for my application to be approved. Contacted support, only to be told that the normal 24hr is now a few days. Guess they need a few more days to open credit cards in my name!

I’d stay away from for now. (I know… it appears that they are legit)

Scared for my finical data (all to try to stick it to the man),

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Bicycle Movies with data

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Upgrading Shimano Ultegra Di2 10 speed to 11 speed

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the parts to upgrade my 10 speed Di2 to 11 speed. Since I’m a DIY guy, I had to come up with all the part and tools.

Rear Wheel – needs to be able to handle a new cassette. Zipp’s are compatible. Check
New Rear Derailleur – ordered a new 6870 RD long. As an early adopter, it was hard to find a ‘long’ (being old, I need the 32T option). Check
New Front Derailleur – not needed (hopefully). Check
New Chain – in stock. Check
New Cassette(s) – ordered a few variations. 11-32 & 11-28. Extras for each wheel. Check
New Chain Rings – [the 10sp one might work...] not just the chain ring but the whole crank. Shimano changed the dimensions of the inner bracket. Ordered. Check

Now, the interesting part… upgrade the firmware on my Di2 6770. Needed a computer interface (Shimano Ultegra Di2 Pc Connector) and free E-tube software (or LBS). Check

Bonus: The new firmware added a few features. Faster (or slower) shift speeds. Multiple shifts by holding in button. Change button behavior if desired. Oh, the firmware is ‘smart’ and will detect if a 11sp rear derailleur is attached (claimed… yet to see).

New Master Links – KMC 11 – Speed Missing Link (Card of 6, Silver) maybe I could have just used my 10sp Missing Links. Too important. In stock. Check
New Chain Tool – with a smaller (thinner) chain, my old chain tool might have damaged the chain. Park CT-3.2 Chain Tool In stock. Check
Cassette Tool – should be good, no changes

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Strava ‘Cry Babies’

Wow, who knew that a ‘Strava KOM’ was so important… I recently rode my bicycle trainer that is connected to my computer. At the end of the ride, the computer uploads the ride to Strava. The fun then begins. My ride data was corrupt. The second half only contained the GPS coordinates (missing the HR, Power, etc).

Strava then ‘assumes’ that the (total miles)/(time uploaded to last HR/Power timestamp) MUST be true. Strava gives me an average speed of 37.6 mph and top speed of 128.4 mph! Cool!!!

Ride Data

So I leave it posted to ‘show off’ to my riding buddies. Intending to make it private shortly. Ride gets flagged and a comment appears “you are not taking my KOMs on my birthday with a computer glitch! Not cool man!”.

Guess I need to flag all of the riders above me on every segment. ;-)

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Physics at Work

Watch students demonstrate their understanding of energy, energy transfer and energy lost (transferred to non-useful work).

Hempfield HS Scrambler 2012 DVD

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